Our Commitment

We commit to allowing the amazing forces of love, wisdom, knowledge, law, and strength to guide us. We honor your trust by providing honest information and assistance with end-of-life events. 

We aspire to continue to grow the collective by nurturing a community of people, organizations, and businesses who assist individuals, families, and pets in the end of life.

Guiding Points of the Pearl Collective

With Love

We discover ways to support others and their definitions of love, even when we have no template for the lived experiences that inform those definitions. From love stems wisdom. 

With Wisdom

We are willing to sit with deep questions, to contemplate mysteries that have no answers. Wisdom is the learning we get from making mistakes, asking questions, listening, and growing. Accepting that some questions do not have answers is itself a kind of knowledge 

With Knowledge

We share with you and the person or people you choose: what we know, what skills we have acquired, what abilities we have developed. In dying, we lose these skills and abilities, but something deeper remains, intertwined with natural law.

With Natural Law

 We focus on natural law while having a firm understanding of state and federal laws. Written laws are systematically rooted in racist thought processes, and as individuals we work in different ways to dismantle them as they are present in death and dying. Natural law means that all that is born must die. Working together with that law gives us strength. 

With Strength

We understand that in death, humans show our ultimate act of strength, our greatest display of liberty, our greatest relinquishment of control. Death is a yielding up to and joining the great powers of the universe.