Our members work autonomously and independently, 

while supporting each other in community and vigils.  

Antares Wellness


Lashanna (she/her) is, at her core, a helper; a doula and massage therapist who merges formal education, ancestral knowledge, life experience, and all 6 senses to guide her care. She serves individuals, families, intentional communities, and small businesses with end of life education and planning, body care education, home wake facilitation and creating legacy pieces. She has an never diminishing desire to grow community care through education and collaboration to fully support autonomy and choice through abortion, death and dying . "If energy is neither created or destroyed, I'm sure we've met sometime before." 


Sunflower Services


Summer Diegel (they/them/theirs) is an experienced full-spectrum doula, sex educator, and community care worker. Their care work draws upon their skills as a disability justice organizer, theologian, pleasure-based sex educator, crisis intervention worker, and artist. As well as life experiences as a white anti-oppressive, trans, working-poor, mad & disabled, queer person. They offer physical, emotional, and informational support. "I hope during our shared time together we will create space to learn more about one another. "


Compassionate Presence


Kristen is an end of life guide, providing sacred space holding and support for the dying and their kindred. She is an educated and intuitive presence through all aspects of the end of life process.

 Whether assisting with Legacy projects, helping design and carry out wishes for the last days or simply being present, Kristen is humbled and honored to walk this path.  


Kristin Meyer


 Kristin believes that talking about our wishes for end of life, and being prepared for the process, is one of the best gifts we can give our loved ones. Kristin can create safe spaces for individuals or groups to gather informally (over coffee or dessert) to educate themselves about end of life care. She can assist you in completing advanced care directives and dementia care plans, as well as consult on how to create an end of life ritual in your home. Kristin trained as a death doula with A Sacred Passing and has years of experience directly caring for the elderly and people with disabilities. Kristin is trained to host meaningful conversations through the Art of Hosting and deep listening through the Compassionate Listening Project.

kirstin (at) asacredpassing( dot) org 

The Grateful Death


 The Grateful Death offers resources, guidance, and end-of-life support to help people transition on their own terms. We do this so the dying and their loved ones are able to celebrate life and honor death – before, during, and after a passing.

 After caring for her parents in their final chapters, she became committed to restoring dignity to the dying process. She has dedicated her life to serving families in this vulnerable time, creating a comfortable experience where life is celebrated before grieving begins. 


Thedna Arts


Carrie (she/her) aspires to create community spaces and tools for death education and exploration through writing and art. After her apprenticeship with A Sacred Passing, she continued her doula, grief and arts work by creating Thedna Arts, a literary and arts space dedicated to myth and storytelling on death, decay and end of life. She facilitates a quarterly writing circle focusing on death in nature. She studied Communications at the University of Kansas, and completed courses with Seattle's Compassionate Listening Project, and South Seattle NODA (No One Dies Alone). 


Amanda Provenzano


As a student of life, Amanda uses her passion for learning to help others address grief and find peace. Her graduate level education and life experience led her to believe that healing collective grief will lead to greater care for the earth.

Through vibration, intention and herbalism, Amanda helps heal the spirit. Through education, she guides the mind and body, and with joy and acceptance aims to heal the collective. Utilizing these practical and emotional tools, Amanda guides others to reclaim their sovereignty in life and in the active dying process. After the dying process, Amanda ensures you are cared for and celebrated according to your wishes.


Madeline Bakewell


 Madeline is trained by A Sacred Passing as a Death Doula and is continuing to expand her knowledge and experience as a helper to those who are dying or have recently died, and those who care about them. She has experience with companioning the terminally ill, as well as facilitating the completion of Power of Attorney documentation, Advance Directives, and Death Plans. Madeline is also a No One Dies Alone facilitator, and is passionate about bringing community back to death care.  

Bhakti Watts


Bhakti Watts is honored to be allowed to hold space for all of the emotions that come up for people who are ill or dying. Our bodies contain so much wisdom. They know how and when to heal themselves and they know how and when to die. Our minds are the part of us that can get distracted at the end of life, especially in a culture such as ours that may consider death a “failure”. Death is a totally natural part of life. 

Saiko Shima-Kolesar


 Born and raised in Sapporo, Japan, Saiko 

grew up sitting (meditation) since age 4. 

Saiko has been completed Death Doula training by A Sacred Passing in May 2018, and INELDA 

in October 2019 and has been serving in a Snohomish County and Greater Seattle 

area ever since. She has been a yoga and meditation teacher since 2002 and would love to incorporate her practice to bring the calmness and peace within her clients approaching the end of life. Her passion lies in present moment when she is with one person at a time and share special and quality time over talking, silence, art, etc. She love to travel around the world when she gets a spare time.  


Here are a few membership benefit details

Membership Fees:  $20-100 per month sliding scale (avg membership $29)

Marketing: Promotional materials, social media​​, involvement in tabling opportunities and community events

Client Referrals from DRC, ASP and affiliate sites listings

Additional Benefits

- Your profile will be a photo you submit, and a short bio, and a link to your own web-page.

- Discount on classes through A Sacred Passing

- Personal ​events added to the calendar, Meetup, Facebook, Instagram, newsletter, etc

- Contracted with the Employee Death Benefit Program

- Access to Zoom account for scheduling group calls, or video conferences

- Access to Canva - a really nifty program to make marketing materials

- Access to PC universal forms, templates, learning tools, client tools, etc

- Use of the Pearl Collective Logo on marketing materials, business cards and website

- No submission fee when submitting curriculum to be taught on the ASP platform.

Our Pearl Collective Benefits are continuously growing, as are we.  

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